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The Empire is a virtual temple of well-being, featuring optimum personal training & HIIT style workout sessions. The Empire Club is designed to help you reach your weight loss & fitness goals, encouraging you every step along the way with a private online community for members to chat. The Empire Club online personal training sessions are every Sunday at 11am, lasting 30mins via zoom. In each session you will be given optimum personal training workouts ranging from weight loss, muscular imbalance correction, stability endurance, strength endurance, cardio vascular endurance, flexibility to nutritional advice with little to no equipment needed for ‘at home’ style workouts. 

Burn up to 500 calories per session! Achieve personal weight-loss, health, fitness & flexibility goals with the ability to piece together your own workout schedule! Ideal for weight loss & muscle toning. At home fat burning, muscle toning body weight exercise & flexibility sessions. No Equipment needed. Suitable for beginners. Each session focuses on different muscle groups in a HIIT workout style. Warm up and cool down included! Also included with this channel are access to all flexibility classes & light conditioning sessions.